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We are best UI/UX Design Company in NYC, United States. Web Design NYC USA is a USA based UI and UX design and development company, we specialized in digital experiences for web and mobile solutions.

After years of designing and developing a range of leading solutions in the world, we at Web Design NYC USA apply a professional and meticulous approach to the design, formulation and design of a perfect user experience, and its integration into all components of the product. The user experience that we create not only supports the easy and intuitive use of the value of the application, the site or the organizational system, but also and mainly stands as a real experience.

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Design UX Experience

The UX (User Experience) experience is the experience the user experiences while using and beyond the app. Led by our UI / UX team of professionals, we have created innovative and unique UX methodologies that have spawned dozens of international success projects. Web Design NYC USA is a Global User Experience (UX) Design and Innovation Company in New York City.

The whole process of developing and designing a user experience at Web Design NYC USA is based on 4 main building blocks:

Purpose: The goal that the application is intended to achieve in front of the user: conservation, conversion, exposure, viral, high usage, and so on

User Personality: The goals, needs, and interests of the ultimate user

Usage flow: possible flows of use for any purpose and per persona defined

Design of screens according to the usage processes defined as part of the characterization of user flow

Our unique and successful approach to the UX world ensures our customers the four most important indicators for success in the web and mobile arena:

  • High usage volumes
  • Maximum ease of use and short learning time
  • Achieving goals for a created site or app
  • High virility and encouraging word-of-mouth marketing
  • Significant improvement of the bottom line

Graphic Design UI

The user interface, through which the user experiences the entire application in all its components, undergoes a unique development process in which the product manager, marketing and technology experts and graphic designers of Web Design NYC USA participate.

In this process, we apply the latest and most advanced design principles in the field in order to create intuitive, convenient, fun and easy to use graphical interfaces according to the highest standards in the world of software, web and mobile development.

Better usability, customer delight and product adaptation. End to End Services. We deliver user experience (UX) & user interface (UI) design company in New York City delivering design thinking, web & mobile design for enterprises. Fastest Growing Experienced Web Design & Development Company. Enquiry Now!!

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wireframe prototype UI/UX Design company

Professional, Quality & Very Fast, Engineering & Services in India: Wireframing and UI/UX Design

Interactive site prototype

Website creation begins with an ephemeral idea, when the customer comes to the designer and programmer. It is for this reason that it is so important to first develop a prototype of the future site.

Development of a prototype online store has a number of advantages that are very important in the process of creating a resource. In particular, the prototyping of the site allows you to take into account many more aspects and develop a site in strict accordance with the requirements of the customer. It is fair to say that often customers come just with an idea, they have no idea of ​​the scale and structure of the future project. It is for the study of these and a number of other aspects and there is the development of the prototype site.

What Is Prototyping?

The creation of mock-ups of various complexity is a combination of works that include the creation of drawings on paper and even the creation of interactive prototypes in Axure. Interactivity makes it possible to see the future site even before the immediate development, "walk" through its pages and evaluate visually. Similarly, the creation of a layout greatly facilitates the work of designers and programmers. It is the prototyping of the site that allows you to quickly and fruitfully work on the creation of a specific project. With the help of this kind of work, our company employees can get a clear description of his wishes based on a specific example. That is, the interactive prototyping of the site allows, at the time of the project discussion, to rely not on ephemeral ideas, but on specific images. There can be several such images.

Advantages Of This Type Of Work

Creating a prototype site allows you to realize and see the near future project. That is, the resource with all its pages and sections is printed on paper in the form of a diagram. Development of prototypes of the online store allows you to see at the stage of implementing the idea of ​​the project structure, its pages and opportunities. At this stage, using the created layout, you can even say about the cost of creating a project. Therefore, the development of prototypes allows you to really evaluate the project. An important point is understanding the work of all the functions of the project. That is, prototyping the site allows you to create an idea of ​​what will happen in reality and evaluate the project.

Thus, the creation of prototypes of the site greatly facilitates the work on its creation and allows to estimate the real scope of the project and the resources required for this. In this case, it is a great opportunity to make adjustments at the time of the discussion and understand the correctness of understanding the meaning of this or that customer's wish.

Leading Wordpress website development companies in New York City. Megento, Php, .net, AP.net. Android App Development.

The Wordpress corporate portal is a flexibly customizable solution that includes a complete list of tools for organizing the company's work. Web Design NYC USA carries out a comprehensive implementation of the product.

License Delivery And Implementation Of Wordpress Enterprise

Only partners with the competence "Large corporate implementation", which we possess, can deliver and implement Enterprise-solutions.

Description And Optimization Of Business Processes

We scrupulously study and describe the business processes of the organization involved in the implementation project, and also give an expert opinion on the possible optimization of business process data.

Analyzing Business Processes, Developing Functional Requirements

We transfer all the logic of existing business processes to Wordpress, having previously developed and described the functional requirements of each of them.

Project Architecture Design

It is important to carefully think through and design the architecture of the project at the design stage. This is the work of competent technical managers and architects.

Configuring Exchanges By Api, Via An Integration Gateway Or Bus

We configure various kinds of data exchanges between information systems within the entire contour. They are both periodic and operational in nature and are implemented by various methods and formats.

Integration Of Wordpress With Internal Corporate Systems (Sharepoint, Active Directory, Sap, Outlook, Etc.)

We integrate with virtually any third-party information systems with varying depth and complexity of implementation.

The Introduction Of An Electronic Digital Signature Into The Electronic Document Management System Wordpress

In the event that additional electronic sighting of documents is required within the company's workflow, we are implementing the EDS in the Wordpress.

Development Of Documentation And Training Of The Customer's Personnel For The Operation And Administration Of Wordpress

When submitting the project, you receive carefully developed documentation that includes the project's terms of reference, scenarios and emergency / full / partial system recovery plan, instructions for developing the system's functionality and user instructions. Training of employees is carried out either in the framework of skype-call, or directly on the territory of the Customer.

Functional Tests

In the course of works and following the results of the project delivery, we carry out various kinds of testing:

  • testing according to customizable business processes;
  • testing for failure and recovery;
  • load and stress tests, performance tests;
  • security tests (delineation of visibility zones, access to system entities, etc.);
  • Integration testing (detection of defects in interfaces and in the interconnection between integrated components).

What are the risks of transfer and how did we envisage them:

Work on regulations + testers = Quality standards

We conduct two cycles of testing in the course of work performed by a single employee. We give two-year warranty.

# Fixed

site transfer prices

The cost is fixed in the estimate of works. You get a new site with migrated pages and users, not an empty project. You can start immediately!

# The site will not lose its position

In addition to the page transfer, we will also transfer the URL (s) of the pages. Your site will not lose its position in the search engines, and after a complex of SEO-works will improve them.

# Integration with Wordpress and other systems

In addition to the transfer, ease of use and security, your site will be synchronized with 1C (Trade Management, SCP, Accounting, ERP or other version), online payment systems, ERP, SAP or any other system.

What is included in the work:

  • Transfer of design and layout (or develop from scratch) to a modern and reliable platform Wordpress
  • Setting up exchange of goods, orders, counteragents and discounts with (or other accounting system)
  • Integration of online payment on the site, automatic calculation of the cost of delivery, as well as other interactive services
  • Transfer of all your pages (including product catalog), users and their data from the old site
  • Transferring URLs from an old site - so that your site does not "fall" in the SERP
  • Placing your new site on our or your server, and in the future we will administer it
  • Primary SEO-optimization of the site and its promotion

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